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By; Manoj Kant Dash & Rajesh Mohapatra , Orissabarta

Orissabarta: - Please tell something about yourself?

Sachin R.Yadav:- I am a person from Satara, Maharashtra. My father is an engineer with Cooperative Sugar Industries, Maharashtra. We belong to a middle-class family.At present working as Addl.District Magistrate, Rourkela.

Orissabarta: - Your educational details?

Sachin R.Yadav:- By qualification, I am a Mechanical Engineer.



Orissabarta:- Ohh grate , by the way  what drove you to Administrative job (IAS) ?

Sachin R.Yadav:- My Maternal uncle advised me to select this noble profession.

Orissabarta:- Is eviction of encroached land and building required on priority basis ?


Sachin R.Yadav:- Yes, whenever it is required, I do it for the  larger interest of the society. As a normal human being, I never want to take harsh step on any one irrespective of cast, creed and religion. Eviction is done to widening of roads as we strictly follow Municipality Act and OPLE(Orissa prevention of Land encroachment Act). I feel sad when established and educated people do this, simply because of mere greediness. We always take proper precaution before eviction, we serve them individual notices much before the date of eviction, visited the site and intimate them to voluntarily vacate the place and finally before 24 hours we use mike announcement (for giving details of eviction schedule). As the servant of the Govt. we are only trying to maintain justice for all.


Orissabarta:- For vendors who have been already evicted from Govt. lands, what proper arrangements and measure steps you have made till now ?


Sachin R.Yadav:- We have already taken enumeration of shop owners and their trade, who have already been evicted and shortly setting up market complexes for almost 250 vendors who suffered ,we are also planning to go for 3rd floor in market complexes where building is double storied. RDA (Rourkela Development Authority) is now planning to go for low cost residential houses on free land of Govt. , which is not disputed. We are also going to active Rajiv Awas Yojana to facilitate poor people.


Orissabarta:-Could you please tell us something on recent issue of Magistrate, who was assaulted by a Police officer?


Sachin R.Yadav:- Only thing I would like to say, I have firm believe on Judiciary system and already the Head of the State, Naveen Pattnaik has ordered for a judicial enquiry and action has also been taken on the Police officer. Have faith and respect for the highest authority, to take its due course of action and we should maintain peace and harmony. I have special respect for law men and would expect that they will certainly help us to maintain law and order situation in Rourkela.


Orissabarta:-How you seen your life?


Sachin R.Yadav:- “Very Simple “with the blessing of Lord Jagarnnath.


Orissabarta:- What is  “service” for you ?

Sachin R.Yadav:- Love towards God.

Orissabarta:- What is your massage to the society?

Sachin R.Yadav:- More educated people irrespective of age should participate in administration and politics.


Orissabarta:- Thank you very much for sharing your views with Orissabarta and wishing on behalf of entire  Orissabarta family May Lord Jagarnnath shower you with a lot of blessing.