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Report by; Rajesh Mohapatra, Correspondent, Orissabarta

ROURKELA: BSNL has always been claimed for its speed, performance and Service in Advertisements in TV. Advertisements are an important medium to promote business of Companies without any authenticity. That exactly has happened with BSNL, Rourkela. The network is so poor that people are forces remind themselves the abbreviation of BSNL ‘Bhai Sahab Nehin Lagega’. The only telecom company with adequate infrastructure has been acting as if with no Infrastructure. Lack of maintenance of Towers and other accessories (Equipments) support for uninterrupted network are making thing worse. Recent lightening in Rourkela has spoiled the internet system (Broadband) in Jagda area making it pathetic when it was confirmed by the telecom officer that net connection will be restored in three days. It is definitely horrible to get such news in the era of communication. Although it is true that we don’t have any control over natural Calamity but due preparation in advance to counter the odd is a better management. In a business of essential service, showing helplessness is sometimes question on the efficiency of the people, who are shouldered with responsibility. BSNL is mostly sought Govt. run telecom company is now slowly losing its grip on customers satisfaction,  definitely will be getting a big challenge from the private companies in future. In rainy season and in case of sudden hailstorm, the network of BSNL is just precarious without network and become the worst in outskirts of the towns (Semi-Urban and rural). Network jam in these areas could remain for a few days. Aftermath of the hailstorm; at times it gives a fear psychosis among customers that if something happens by the nature then there will be no network. Recent problems have proved that BSNL is not adequately placed to face an emergency call. Hence, need of the hour is to be prepared than ask for an excuse. Its high time BSNL should understand that you need to be perfect to win customers as tele-communication has been privatized and the competition is cut throat.